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Arranmore Lighthouse

Arranmore Island

Off The Coast Of Donegal

Top Irish visitor attraction Arranmore Lighthouse dwellings needed re-roofing after many years of repairs and required a system that could withstand the extremes of weather facing the cliff edge property.

This project involved upgrading the Insulation to high density FR/MG boards mechanically fixed to the timber plank deck, RubberBond FleeceBack EPDM polyurethane adhered all over and Lead counterflashings chased and fitted right round. 

Sperrin Park, Omagh

County Tyrone

Simple straight forward step by step pictures of a free standing garage roof that needed complete renewal.

Several structural joists needed replaced along with all the timber decking.

We also fitted new pvc facais and gutters topped off with ClassicBond EPDM and metal perimeter trims.

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